Precision Neuromodulation

Targeted, safe, and effective therapy.

What is Precision Neuromodulation? 

Juniper Neuromodulation

Imagine that a tree represents peripheral nerves.

(for simplicity)

Volume Conduction Neuromodulation

Current neuromodulation systems are imprecise & uncontrolled.

Most implantable neuromodulation technology today is performed through the delivery of energy through surrounding tissue, “volume conduction,” toward a target nerve or nerve bundle, or the trunk of the tree in our analogy. Some systems stimulate on the trunk (a large multi-fascicular nerve). 

These are high powered systems almost always require a high capacity battery. Their control is limited imprecisely stimulate branches irrelevant to the target. In the case of volume conduction, energy is also delivered into adjacent tissue. 

With these types of technology, it is not feasible to deliver precise, controlled stimulation of distal targets. 


Selective Neuromodulation is precise & delivers controlled stimulation.

Juniper Biomedical’s novel technology, modulates distal target nerves locally, stimulating only the target and with far greater control over energy delivery. 

Our system delivers effective therapy with extremely low energy into tissue. The same characteristics allow our system to use a very small battery.

Most importantly, our system couples directly to the distal nerve, delivering energy in the most efficient way, selectively stimulating only the target.

Long-term Battery Powered Micro-implant


Juniper Biomedical’s micro-implant connects quickly, easily and atraumatically to distal nerves. The long-term implant, smaller than a US dime and getting smaller, delivers highly efficient therapy directly to a target nerve for precise effects.