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Dramatically improved therapy for patients with pelvic health conditions.

Tens of millions of women and men around the world are suffering silently with urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction and other pelvic health conditions. Treatment options leave care gaps and patients resorting to over the counter products for symptom management.

neuromodulation incontinence

Juniper Biomedical’s precision neuromodulation platform will offer patients less invasive, safer, and more effective therapy options with the unique capabilities.

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Unique Technology

Our core implantable neuromodulation technology is designed to be minimally invasive, require low skill to implant and offer a precise, selective, low power therapy.

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Novel Applications

Our platform technology can be used to treat multiple pelvic health conditions. Juniper’s system offers a better solution for numerous under-treated patient populations.

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Experienced Team

Juniper Biomedical’s dedicated leadership and operating team bring together deep domain experience in the clinical and technical elements of our innovation.





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